Sailing in Turkey: Where East Meets West

Sailing the clear blue waters of Turkey’s Lycian or Carian Coast is an experience every sailor dreams of. It’s a magical place where you can recharge your batteries, disconnect from the world, and surrender to its sublime surroundings and timeless ambiance. Throughout Turkey’s long and beautiful summer, you’ll find ideal conditions with good winds and moderate seas, creating the perfect setting for a relaxing sailing holiday.

Turkey is a place where the ancient meets the modern, where east meets west. Here, you’ll discover a rich tapestry of culture and history, from bustling towns with sensational cuisine to sleepy fishing villages and deep-water bays that beckon you to take a refreshing swim.

Göcek, situated just 25 km away from Dalaman International Airport, has emerged as one of the most alluring boating spots in Turkey. With its landscape dotted with hidden islands, secluded beaches, and numerous coves and bays, Göcek’s charm lies in its irresistible blend of land and crystal-clear waters.