Islands of the Southeastern Aegean

The Dodecanese islands are located in the southeastern part of Greece, close to Turkey.


  • Positioned between Patmos and Kalymnos, Leros is associated with the myth that it was the favorite island of Artemis for hunting.
  • Notable beaches include Agia Marina and Vromolithos, and visitors can explore the fishing village of Partheni.


  • Kalymnos is known for its rocky landscape, making it a prime location for climbing enthusiasts.
  • The island has a tradition of sponge making, and it offers stunning beaches like Myrties and Arginonta.


  • As one of the largest and most popular Dodecanese islands, Kos boasts sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.
  • Top beaches on the island include Matsichari, Kefalos, and Thermes.


  • Symi, a small Dodecanese island, is famous for its calm atmosphere and remarkable architecture.
  • The island features one of the most impressive ports in the Greek islands, characterized by elegant mansions built amphitheatrically on a hillside.
  • A maritime museum provides insight into the region’s maritime heritage.


  • Rhodes, the largest and most popular Dodecanese island, is renowned for its romantic Old Town and beach resorts.
  • The Old Town is a well-preserved Medieval Town of Europe, featuring strong walls, a remarkable castle, and elegant stone mansions.
  • The island offers magnificent beaches, sightseeing locations, and picturesque villages, with Lindos village and its Acropolis being a standout.
  • Notable beaches include Lindos, Limanaki, Agios Petros, Tsambika, and Prassonisi.
  • The island is also known for the butterfly phenomenon in Lindos.


  • Astypalaia is unique in the Dodecanese for its Cycladic architecture.
  • The Venetian Castle atop a hill and the windmills contribute to the island’s distinct character.
  • Astypalaia is an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts.


  • Patmos is known as the “Island of the Apocalypse,” believed to be the location where Saint John the Divine was inspired to write the Book of Revelation in a cave.
  • The island is home to the Monastery of Saint John, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2006.
  • Patmos offers beautiful beaches and a picturesque capital, Chora.

Arki, Lipsi, Marathi:

  • These tiny islands, protected from strong winds by Patmos, offer crystal-clear waters and a quiet Greek rural life, making them ideal for a peaceful getaway.

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